Your World and You: April 6, 2014 (Premium)

By | April 6, 2014

Environmental and Nutritional Tips to Improve Your Family’s Health

This feature highlights reports, studies, and feedback from families on efforts that can make a positive impact in our quest for health. We invite you to share material with us that you think would be of interest to our readers.

Topics featured in this article:

  1. The role of diet in the treatment of ADHD
  2. Are you dealing with tics? Read this mother’s trigger observation
  3. Drinking well water? You’d better read this!
  4. Is antibiotic use leading to allergic airway inflammation?
  5. Handheld cell phones just as dangerous as regular cells when driving


1) The role of diet in the treatment of ADHD

Reserch in February of this year looked at previous studies of three dietary approaches for ADHD: Restricted elimination diets, artificial food color elimination, and supplementation with free fatty acids.

Value was seen for all three approaches. But the studies were not large, and since they don’t know who will benefit most from which approach, the authors say “more studies are needed.” Sound familiar?

It will be many years, if ever, when large enough studies are done to satisfy researchers and they are able to pinpoint which child will respond best to which therapy. Our suggestion is, if your child has ADHD, look into these dietary approaches online or with a practitioner and give them a try to see if they help. 



2) Are you dealing with tics? Read this mother’s trigger observation

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