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Need help to start the process in NYC

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#1 SaraM



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Posted 04 April 2010 - 12:53 PM


I am new at the forum. My son is 5,5 years old. Iīm pretty sure he has Tourette's and I have been reading a lot on these pages and also Dr Sheila Rogersībook to get information to start dietary changes and supplements. I am wondering if anybody can help me with good names of doctors etc in the New York City area. So hereīs our story:

When my son was 2,5 years old and we were on vacation in Florida he got his first tics. It was clearing his throat. He had had a pretty rough six months, we didn't know if it was the "terrible twoīs", having a baby sister at 2 years old or both. After a week or so the tics disappeared. Then they seemed to come back in a lot of different forms about every six months. Itīs been snuffling, throat clearing, slamming jaws together, jerking upper body, eye blinking, burping and so on.
Right now we are on vaccation in Florida again, and for the first time he got a terrible case of head jerking. I had read someoneīs post here how her son started blinking after swimming in the pool, so I was kind of prepared when out of nowhere - my son, sitting in the kiddie pool for a long time, stared rolling his eyes and blinking wildly. It soon triggered the head jerking, and now, the day, after he only jerks his head. Iīm thinking: allergic to chlorine. But of course it could be the strong sun, or water in his eyes, I guess. I also see dark circles under his eyes, which he doesn't normally have. Last summer when he had his worst episode ever, with the jaw slamming, that involved the whole body, he also looked tired like this. But I assume this can be because they must get tired from moving like this?
Since he was 2,5 years old he has gone long periods without any tics, but the last year it has almost always been something. Usually mild things and mostly at night. When he is tired?

My son is a loving and empathic person. In school he follows the rules and he is often worried about doing things wrong. To me he seems very emotionally sensitive. He can concentrate on drawing or building legos for long periods of time. I have asked his teacher repeatedly about him, and she thinks that he is a "normal" boy.
But sometimes my husband and I think that something is wrong: my son can get so angry, and explosive. Heīs not impulsive in school or really around other people. But he seems very impulsive when it comes to hitting and pushing his sister. And also sometimes when getting angry at us. He has also developed a "habit" of constantly touching and hugging (to hard and long) his baby sister. I almost get a feeling that he canīt stop himself. But this might just be some sort of sibling rivalry.
Anyway, Iīm not too worried about his personality traits, itīs mostly the tics I think are troublesome. We have not had him evaluated. (Went to a neurologist once, but even though he just had very mild eye blinking right then, she wanted to put him on medication. Something starting with a B? I donīt remember the name. And we never followed up.)

So, now I want to start the dietary changes and the supplements, and the big research and log book to find out what causes all this. I donīt want to just do it on my own. I would like to start with doing allergy testing to see if anything shows up. And I want to see a naturopath or an environmental physician to help me set up at dietary program.
Can anyone recommend an allergist who knows about these things, and also someone to help with diet and supplements? We live in Brooklyn, and of course it would be great to have someone close by.

Right now I'm looking at my son and I feel so sad for him. It seems so tiring and debilitating to constantly shake his head like that. I am also very worried about him coming back to school after the break, on Wednesday. The other kids have never seen him have any tics. He's had small things, but not really noticeable to the untrained eye. Hopping so much that this will be better by Wednesday. We are at a vacation spot with lots of pools, but I feel that I can't take him back in to the pool again. Is that the right decision?

Thank you so much for reading this long message and for all your help!


#2 chemar


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Posted 04 April 2010 - 01:40 PM

Hi Sara

I cant post much now as with family and just checking in on the forum

will post more later or tomorrow

for now, unless you know your child is allergic or sensitive to chlorine, I would say dont add stress & confusion to the situation for him (stress=more tics!) by not allowing him to swim on vacation

try to get some epsom salts at a pharmacy or Target or any Publix supermarket and let him have a soak in that after you are done at the pool for the day. 2 cups in a tub of the warmest water, soak for 20 minutes. that will help with detox and the magnesium in the salts can really soothe tics. He may feel very relaxed after and just want to nap

will be back to chat more

dont worry! you will find ways to help him, so just keep looking toward that light at the end of the tunnel! :)

When life brings you to your knees....you're in a good position to pray!

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#3 SaraM



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Posted 04 April 2010 - 07:42 PM

Hi, and thank you so much for your quick answer! We will definitely try the epsom bath.
Looking forward to hearing from you again.


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