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Severity of tics and exercise

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#1 Guest_Gail_*

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Posted 11 October 2002 - 01:23 PM

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1]Dr. Robbins,
My 12 year old son has struggled with ADHD, tics and OCD for the past 4 years. We recently changed his diet by eliminating all artifical colors and additivies and salicylates (the Feingold program). We have noticed a significant improvement, but he still has some lingering tics. In addition, when he plays ice hockey or football his tics become significantly worse. He currently takes two medications, zyrtec and clonodine. Do you have any recommendations/suggests that we could follow that may help with his tics?

#2 Dr_Robbins


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Posted 12 October 2002 - 12:32 PM

Dear Exercise,

If tics increase with exercise there may be a nutrient deficiency. I advise some children to load up on magnesium and taurine. This is quite safe. Magnesium/ taurine supplements can be purchased at a health food store. Sometimes it will have to be compounded by a compounding pharmacy. Solgar makes a chelated magnesium 300mg that is well tolerated. Taurine 500 mg caps are easily found. Take with meals up to 3 daily .

Zyrtec is an antihistamine. Some kids do worse on antihistamines. Your child probably needs allergy skin testing for foods and pollens, dusts, molds. Usually allergy testing and treatment utilizing the Optimal dose method of immunotherapy will help if allergens are keeping him ticcing. On my website , Allergycenter.com , there is an explanation of Optimal dose immunotherapy that you can click on.

I welcome any further questions.
Dr. Albert Robbins
Board Certified in Preventive Medicine and
Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Boca Raton, Florida

#3 Guest_Gail_*

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Posted 13 October 2002 - 09:04 PM

Thank you for the information. Should he take the magnesium and tuarine daily or only on the days he exercises. Also, do I need to be careful regarding dosage? My son is 95 pounds and I am concerned about giving him too much.


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