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Math OK, Reading Poor

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#1 Guest_Cindy_*

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Posted 05 November 2003 - 09:19 AM

A friend just told me about this site. Than kyou for answering questions. My child does not have a learning disability. At least the school says she doesn't. But she does much better in math than in reading. And her writing is slow. It take s her forever to do her homework and she hates it. Is there something special that would help her? Spelling isn't too good either. What can I do to help her? Are there workbooks for home? :D Cindy

#2 Ricki Linksman

Ricki Linksman


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Posted 15 November 2003 - 01:27 AM

Dear Cindy. Before you jump to conclusions about learning disabilities, the first step is to diagnose why she is having trouble with reading. A reading diagnostic test can pinpoint what skills she has in reading and which skills are needed. Step 2 is to then provide good instruction in the needed skills. In most cases, this solves her problem. Only after exhausing the first two steps and still not getting results would one go into extensive testing with a pyschologist to find if she has a learning disability.
I have a parent kit that one can use at home to diagnose your child's reading abilities. Then, using that information, there is an instructional kit for parents to use to teach the necessary skills.
A good reading diagnosis involves:
a passage reading test to find her reading level, her word reading accuracy, her comprehension, her vocabulary skills, and fluency.
a phonics test to find out whether there are gaps in her phonics skills causing her to have difficulty reading the words accurately
a learning style and brain hemispheric test to find out her best way of learning so you will know which is her fastest way of learning the skills in which she has gaps.
My reading kit contains all these diagnostic tools that parents and teachers can use.
If your school is interested, I also have the entire process described above delivered through an Internet-reading program called Keys to Reading Success. If your child's teacher is interested in such a program for all his/her students, then they can have an on-line demo of how the program works. The site to ask for the demo is called www.Keys2reading.com
Students who have not learned phonics often have trouble spelling because they have not been taught the rules of reading and writing our English language. My accelerated course in phonics has helped many poor spellers improve their spelling as well.
If you live in the Chicago area, you can contact me again via this email site to have a reading diagnosis in person!
Unfortunately, you are not alone in your frustration. Looking at national and state statistics there are an extraordinary number of students in the same situation as your child. One cannot believe that all those children have learning disabilities. My goal is to provide teachers the tools to help your child as well as all those other students who are struggling become great readers. So, again, don't jump to conclusions that there is a learning disability. First, go through the above steps, and rule out whether it is lack of reading instruction causing her difficulties. Then, have her receive good instruction. Only after trying this, if she still struggles, then you can think about going to a psychologist for an evaluation for any disability.
With regards,

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