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#1 Deb



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Posted 15 March 2003 - 12:58 PM

Hi Dr. McCandless,

Does TTFD need to be given twice a day? Does it need to maintain a steady level in the body, the way DMSA and ALA are supposed to do?

My son reacts to TTFD, becoming very, very agitated and irritable if I give it twice a day, so I've been giving him only 1/4 ml, once a day. Even on this, a urine test did show mercury, nickel and cadmium coming out (posted on CK2 database). But he seems to have a very hard time while on it, and the longer he's on it, the worse he gets. The longest I've been able to have him on this little dose is 13 days, and I think that was too long. He started sleeping with his head pushed against the headboard, was hyperactive, highly emotional and irrational, and these symptoms lasted for weeks after stopping the TTFD.

I just tried another round, and only went 4 days this time. The two days after I stopped, he was weak, irritable, asking me to carry him (he's 6).

Any ideas why TTFD is hitting him so hard? I read how others have their kids on TTFD, 1/2 ml twice a day, for months on end!

I think I'm supporting him fairly will with vits and mins, but maybe not?

Thanks so very much for any suggestions

#2 dr_mccandless


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Posted 15 March 2003 - 02:39 PM

Dear Debbie: I have many, many kids on 100mg a day (50mg twice a day, and have heard of very few with any reactions, other than the smell!), but parents need to realize all detoxification processes are third or fourth in the series of healing, and kids must be very well prepared in terms of properly targeted nutrients and gut healing before using it. Steady state is important; equal amounts should be applied twice daily, even if you reduce the amount. Detoxing does cause some excretion through the gut, and if gut healing has not taken place, there can be a reaction to this irritating metals passing through. I would guess you need to address his leaky gut syndrome more than you have prior to detoxing. Jaquelyn
Jaquelyn McCandless, MD
Author, Children with Starving Brains

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