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question for juwayriyah

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#16 Joyle



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Posted 06 April 2017 - 10:36 PM

Hello again Juwaryriyah,

I am so sorry to have taken so long to come and tell you of our news. We found the plant in a Northern Australia plant nursery! We dried and ground it and my grandson swallowed it in water. The magic happened within the hour and he had five or so tics for the whole day. The intrusive thoughts that he always has were completely gone as well as his O.C.D. His anxiety and rage was reduced by 90% and we were all delighted. But as the days wore on the effects lessened more and more until we finally realised the material has lost its efficacy. We managed to get some more freshly dried leaves and noticed an immediate improvement. That material is now not giving us the results it once did even though we have stored the dried and powdered leaf in vacumn sealed pouches.

Rereading your previous posts it seems as though we need to dry and use it within days or perhaps juice the fresh green leaves and freeze it? My grandson weighs 60 kgs. How many leaves are in one of your capsules please? How many leaves did you juice for each green juice dose please? We are almost there and so very, very grateful for your experience and advice. Kindest regards, Joy

P.S. We will have it in our garden by the end of April!

#17 castrum



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Posted 21 April 2017 - 06:03 AM

Hi Juwayriyah


I am from Spain and my 7 years son has tics. He is in a gluten and milk free diet (and taking suplements)  and he is much better. I have got here a plant of Clerodendrum inermis in a nursery. By now i don´t want to use it, but if things go wrong... 


I post you because i want to be sure that this plant is clerodendrum inermis ( i have found it only in one nursery in Spain and i have my doubts because by now it hasn´t any flowers).


Could you say me if it is Clerodendrum inermis



I know i can get the plant in the Canary Islands in this nursery




but in this case i must wait for it and take care with the customs because they must send it by airplane


Thank you for every one who share his information to treat this condition, because in Spain there are few practitioners who treats tourette syndrome in other ways.


Thank you very much Juwayriyah

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